Newcomers  ----   Welcome to the ISTF Program


The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) is the 21st century science fair that:

  • challenges students in grades 3-12 to use information technology tools to discover and explore the future of science and engineering while developing science inquiry, communication, information management and presentation skills,
  • provides science, math and computer teachers with a means to integrate the Internet and research methods into their curricula, and
  • offers scientists and engineers working with corporations, professional organizations, federal/state agencies and academic research centers an opportunity to invest their time on-line as technical advisors who become "digital mentors."

The sections below contain general information about the ISTF Program for all newcomers. For more specific information, please access the other "Newcomers" pages for:

Program Summary: From October through February of each year, student teams apply science inquiry and technology tools to research real-world problems when participating in the ISTF. As a team, students use ISTF Content Guidelines that are based on national science content standards and learn to collaborate as they communicate with their team members and teachers. They work with a practicing scientist or engineer who acts as the team's on-line technical advisor. At the end of each February, each team publishes their research findings using ISTF Format Guidelines in a web page format.  Their projects are then evaluated during preliminary and final rounds of online judging with other teams from the United States and schools in participating countries. Top teams receive certificates of award from the Dean of College of Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Central Florida. 

The links on the ISTF opening screen and on the sidebar of the website will become very familiar to all who participate. These links guide you to all the information necessary to participate in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF).

About Us: Gives background information regarding the ISTF, tells about the history and growth of the program evolved, and provides profiles of the sponsors who make the program possible. The ISTF Sponsored Projects link is especially important for companies, federal agencies and academic research centers that are interested in participating/supporting the program.

Team Members: Identifies the roles and responsibilities of students, teachers (or educational coordinators) and technical advisors. It is imperative that all new team members read this section. We have witnessed cases where new team members began working on an ISTF project without understanding the scope of the task they were undertaking. These teams often became frustrated and occasionally dropped out of the the competition even though their projects had merit. 

Schedule: Provides participants with the yearly ISTF timeline for the program. Periodically, there may be changes in scheduling so it is important to visit this section throughout the competition.

Tools: This link will become a vital resource and the most visited section of the website during participation in the ISTF Program. Here are:

My ISTF: Allows teachers to setup ISTF accounts in order to receive more information about the program, officially enroll student teams, send requests to potential technical advisors, and manage their information. Also enables technical advisors and judges to establish and maintain ISTF accounts.

To request additional information, please Contact Us.