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Text Box: teaming...
    We worked together for at least two hours a week, constantly emailing each other about updates with the teacher, technical advisors, and research. We were always on task, research was comprehensive and successful, not only did we learn a lot about our topic, but we also developed many teaming, cooperation, and responsibility skills. It took hard work and focus to meet the time limits and standards, but with encouragement from each other, we accomplished our goal. It was not only educational, but we enjoyed ourselves in each task of research, writing the components, and designing the final website product. Once again, we thank thank the technical advisors, teacher, and director of the Internet Science and Technology Fair for providing us with the opportunity to take part in such a great experience.
In the beginning, we had some trouble locating technical advisors. We sent out a total of sixty-three emails to various professors of nuclear engineering at several universities. However, we were turned down by many of them. (A sample of these emails is found below)
    Dear  _____,
         Hello, my name is Lun Mu, I am a freshman at Bergen County Academies, Hackensack, NJ. I am working with three other classmates to create a product for the Internet Science and Technology Fair. Our selected topic is concerning nuclear energy, specifically the Plutonium-238 preprocessors presently used in France. As part of the project, we are required to find an advisor or mentor to help us along in the process. We need a specialist in the energy field to make sure that what data we research is correct. 
     Hopefully, you will be able to help us and give us a professional's viewpoint on our project.
     Thank you for your time.
     Lun Mu 
     So Yeon Kim
     Stacey Kim
     Taery Kim
We finally found four willing and very helpful advisors. We conversed with our technical advisors very often. Mr. Ivan Tananaev provided us with many resources and documents from his lab in Russia. The other advisors did the same. They gave us valuable information and research, as well as excellent comments on our components. 
     Dear Friends:
     thank you very much for your e-mail.
     I shell send you the comments as soon as possible.
     As you have any interest, please, find the excellent review:
     Los Alamos Science. Challenges in Plutonium Science. Volume 1. Number 26, 2000
     This is the unique paper containing the History of Plutonium fabrication, many photos.
     http://www.lanl.gov/external/science/lascience/index.html - the Los Alamos Science Issues.
     505-667-1447; fax 505-665-4408
Ivan Tananaev
----- Original Message ----- 
     From: Mu_Lun 
     To: Ivan G. Tananaev 
     Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 8:36 PM
     Subject: RE: ISTF
     Dear Mr. Tananaev,
Thank you for your comments on Component 1, I discussed the problem with my fellow teammates   and teacher, and we have decided to go ahead with the HLW. So, I am currently working on editing and revising Component 1. Meanwhile, here is Component 2, in it, we have to discuss the history of plutonium-239, identify two scientists or engineers who made major contributions to this history, and tell how our idea would solve the problem identified in Component 1. 
     Thank you very much for your time!
Our teacher, Mrs. Evelyn Rios, always alerted us about time deadlines. She was very helpful throughout and was always there to answer questions and deal with technical difficulties.
what we learned...
Between the four of us, we worked very well together. We learned a lot by doing the project. Firstly, we gained much more knowledge about nuclear waste storage, and plutonium reprocessing. 
Time management, we also learned, is very important, as one missed deadline lead to more work and heavier loads. It was frustrating at first when we were having trouble locating a willing advisor, but after we overcame that obstacle, everything moved pretty smoothly. We had to use our time efficiently to get everything done. 
Cooperation was also very important. Working simultaneously on different computers on different tasks, such as finding images, researching, writing components, and designing the website, we were very collaborative. 







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