We learned that a team must proceed through the numerous difficulties in order to become successful; it is nearly impossible to return to the task when distracted.  We also learned that teamwork was required for maximum efficiency. Throughout this experience we learned that we must use the tools or special skills that we have effectively.



            Our venture began as we first met in the first technology class as four, young, naive, freshman students adjusting to the new school environment.  We got acquainted with each other after we discovered a common interest in developing an improvement for aircrafts.  We completed our work at a rapid pace, cooperating as a team flawlessly.  Mrs. Rios never had a doubt of our abilities and encouraged us at every complication that surfaced.  She supported us with her technical advice when we were baffled.  Our technical advisor Dr. Bauer helped and informed us with his knowledge of the waverider project.



            Communicating between each other was quite easy.  We would meet during every technology class.  We excessively discussed plans during school.  We made sure that what was needed was to be done.  Mrs. Rios was present consistently just in case there was anyone who needed help.  She engaged phone calls whenever there was a person who needed to be contacted.  She made sure everything was in play.  Our advisor was also there when we needed feedback on our concepts.  He helped us when we could not grasp our ideas.  Dr. Bauer pulled through his busy schedules just to lend a hand.