We believe that we can improve the waverider design. Our waverider will have a more effective engine than most other aerocraft. We will use a scramjet engine which combusts hydrogen fuel while flying at high speeds. Our waverider will also feature micro drag generators which pop up from the skin of the airplane, creating enough drag to slow the aircraft to lower speeds, enabling a safer landing.

As stated before, the waverider will be able to transport goods in what may seem like an instantaneous moment compared to the modern day pace. It will open up the possibility to repair outer space devices with less of a hassle. Tourists can stare down at our planet with shimmering eyes. The military will also be able to use the waverider in multiple usages. They can transport their military hardware faster than imagined. They can use it for scouting missions and even more.

If this waverider concept can become reality, many options will become open to us and it will cause tasks to be much easier for us. With this concept, the world’s economy can grow with significant results. People will no longer have to wait for packages from across the world to be delivered to their doorsteps; instead, they can receive their package in a matter of hours. When repairs are required for satellites in outer space, enormous amounts of preparation time is not needed; instead, this easy-to-fix stand by vehicle can blast off to its destination as an alternative to time consuming space shuttles. When the military needs its weaponry during intense battles, the waverider can quickly dispense the materials required to fight the crusade. Also, patients that need extreme medical attention can be transported to different hospitals quickly. People with the dream of watching Earth from the skies above can now do so with this waverider concept.

STAAR Research (Space Technology Applications and Astronomy Research), formed in 1989, the organization’s research has been in waverider spaceplane technologies. A few years ago, this organization had a project for launching a waverider into space was canceled due to the lack of funds. This organization can improve our design by building prototypes and testing the physics of the spaceplane. This organization can also improve upon our design using their technology and research. They will be able to use this concept to create new models for their missions. They can use this vehicle for outer space uses that a space shuttle can do but with even more capabilities. It will be more durable and will cost less.