Component One

The problem present among our modern day society is the limitations on our versatility in acting on problems. Some of these problems exist in space, with our many satellites in orbit constantly malfunctioning and requiring repairs. Often, extensive space trips are planned for months to fix problems that could mutate into disasters by the time liftoff time comes. Often, crafts of this nature are sacrificed at the end of the mission by either crashing back into earth or no longer able to be used. Re-entry into earth’s atmosphere is extremely important in order to conserve money and time spent to build ships over again. Also, there lacks an efficient means of transportation of private citizens that reach speeds over mach 3. This method of transportation will be especially effective with diplomats or politicians that require supersonic transport without knowing how to pilot a fighter plane.

In 2001, the Boeing Company conducted extensive research on ‘Stability and Control Analysis of a Wave-Rider TSTO (Two-Stage-to-Orbit) Second Stage’. In the research, the practicability of a trans atmospheric wave-rider was analyzed. The conclusions reached by them were:

1. A 30 passenger Wave-Rider Vehicle is feasible and controllable.
2. The comfort level will be similar to the Space Shuttle in terms of acceleration & deceleration.
3. It will probably be necessary to add vertical fins with rudders for lateral stability and control during the approach and landing phase of the flight.
4. The Wave-Rider can provide increased down & cross range.

NASA-Langley Research Center also conducted research on the ‘Three Dimensional Aerodynamic Analysis of a High-Lift Transport Configuration’. Found in the conclusions was:

The results from this study suggest that the leading-edge shock attachment, which is a result of the planform shape, is the main effect that gives wave-riders their high lift-to-drag ratios.

I need not explain the countless benefits that working, efficient satellites give, or the lack of gain that they give when rendered broken or malfunctioned. Using wave-riders, the problems that plague our networks will be rectified almost immediately. Also, the speed the wave-rider offers will allow diplomats or dignities almost instant access to anywhere around the globe, to solve crisis after crisis, nearly simultaneously. With the swiftness brought, many lives throughout the globe can be saved by negotiations or contact with other foreign powers.

As with any significant advance in technology, the profits will be enormous. Whether the US sells the design to other nations or uses the designs to save money, or both, the increases in revenue with the new airplane will be great, because there have not been any great advancements in the aerospace industry since the space shuttle. Since the wave-rider has multiple applications, the benefits will be enormous to NASA.