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National Medal of Technology Award
National Medal of Technology Award

These are the teams which passed from the preliminary round of judging to the final round of judging.

The NMT Awardees and the Honorable Mentions are indicated with small ribbons. 

The teams are grouped by NCT Category.



BB (Biodegradable Batteries) Bergen County Academies
02-541 SolaRail Glenforest Secondary School
02-446 Nuclear Recycling Generator (NRG) Bergen County Academies
02-441 EST (Efficient Solar Technologies) Bergen County Academies
02-513 Solar Thermal Power Technologies: Energy of the Future Bishop Moore High School
02-442 U-net Solar Pack Bergen County Academies
02-527 Black Out Lakewood High School


02-445 AMEB (Air Monitoring Enviro-Band) Bergen County Academies
02-475 JAM3 - Hephaestus' s Shield Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-448 Carbage Bergen County Academies
02-535 Our Precious Planet Lakewood High School


02-631 S.P.A.M. (Solar Powered Anti-Garbage Machine) Episcopal School of Dallas
02-493 Util-eye-ze Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-617 Backpack Buddies Valley Christian Junior High
02-530 Cyber.Security Lakewood High School
02-0434 HeatSeeker Bergen County Academies
02-532 The A.I.M. Project Lakewood High School
02-464 New and Improved Underwater Modem Francis Lewis High School
02-575 Bioelectric Home Sterling Park Elementary
02-455 Infra-Ray Imaging Bergen County Academies
02-619 Restaurant Enhancing System (RES1) Valley Christian Junior High


02-622 Lypo-Pop Valley Christian Junior High
02-494 The Anti-Injection Rebellion Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-465 GenoBot21 Bergen County Academies
02-648 Relax-U Bergen County Academies
02-437 AFA; Aid for Aids Bergen County Academies
02-473 "Nurse-Aid" Medical Tool of the 21st Century Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-436 FatScat Bergen County Academies
02-498 Isis' Emissary Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-456 TumoBots Bergen County Academies
02-443 MedPat Bergen County Academies
02-474 AIDS B'GONE Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-526 Infectious Diseases-Vaccine Technology Lakewood High School
02-500 Cancel Cancer Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-476 Cold X-terminator Academy for Medical Science and Technology
02-593 M.C. Blue Valley Christian Junior High 
02-449 Overflow Bergen County Academies
02-497 Ban- AIDS Academy for Medical Scienc
02-642 Yellow Fever- The Real Danger! New Smyrna Beach High School
02-538 Cancer Revelation Lakewood High School


02-643 From MEMS to Nano-Security Carpenter Middle School
02-545 Noitullop...Reversing the effects of pollution. Lakewood High School


02-598 Light Benders Bergen County Academies


02-433 Operation WingChange Mainland High School
02-486 Eyes of the Machine James Logan High School
02-452 MagnaKnights Bergen County Academies
02-454 MTS (Magnetic Transportation Systems) Bergen County Academies
02-508 Laminar Efficiency Bishop Moore High School
02-564 Smart Cars Tecumseh Middle School
02-450 Hydro -Flight Bergen County Academies
02-533 Quiet Skies Lakewood High School
02-501 Improving Turbines Bishop Moore High School
02-457 AeroQuick Aircraft Bergen County Academies
02-472 Technologically Enhanced Design of Passenger Planes Francis Lewis High School
02-615 The Hindrance of Drag in the Quest for Fuel Efficient Automobiles Bishop Moore High School