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Lessons Learned

The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) involves preparation, action, and completion. The guidelines also require that students reflect on the experience when they complete their projects. One element of this reflection is "Lessons Learned," which the students incorporate as part of their final project websites.

Elementary School

Below are two examples of reflective passages elementary school students wrote about the lessons they learned:

The three lessons that our team learned from working on our ISTF project were how to work as a group with out fighting or arguing, how to focus without getting off subject, and how to surf the web faster. We learned that working together is very important, and we can get much more work done this way. There were times we would not agree with each other, but we tried to be mature enough to not let our differences of opinions get in the way of our progress. Working as a team and not an individual was a challenge. We learned how to focus with out getting off subject, because we were determined to get finished. 

Our team has learned three lessons while working on our ISTF project. We have learned one really important lesson, and that is teamwork. While working as a team, we not only shared information, but also shared the workload. This happened well when we were not fighting. Another lesson that we have learned is how to make a website. We learned how to put our research and writings onto the site and how to make hyperlinks and hover-overs. We also learned how to communicate with our engineer, scientist, and technical advisor. By doing that, we got our writings done faster. These three lessons really helped our team throughout this program.

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Middle School

Below are two examples of reflective passages middle school students wrote about the lessons they learned:

It is important to communicate with each other through e-mail or in person to update each other on our progress and what we need help with Even if you don't fully agree with someone's ideas, you should be open minded and listen to their explanation of why they feel their idea should be used It's okay to ask others for advice if you are having trouble with something

Throughout this whole experience, we, as a team, learned to how to cooperatively work and compromise. We learned that everyone is a crucial part of the group and everyone's effort is needed for the team to function effectively. The ISTF project taught our team about the importance of being patient. During our researching stage, there were many instances when prospective advisors did not respond to inquiries or when information on our topic was difficult to find. Having patience allowed our team to stick together and our project to progress. This experience also taught the team about the value of communication. All three of us found that communication leads to better organization and progress. This allowed our team to make use of our time and collaborate ideas.

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High School

Below are two examples of reflective passages high school students wrote about the lessons they learned:

We have learned that waiting until the last minute to do something very important is not the best road to travel. Donít procrastinate on anything significant We have learned to open our views to the field of science and technology. There are a lot of new developments and ideas out there in this world to improve it and all we have to do is look. The final thing that we have learned is to work as a team. Even if you do not agree with someoneís point-of-views, donít like them or just arenít happy with their work style, you still need to get the work done. Everything will work out in the end. Teamwork is a very valuable lesson. 

Throughout the course of this project, we have learned many important lessons. Some of the most important things we have learned are......an old Spanish proverb says, "Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week." In other words, procrastination will only hurt you. We learned that we must work on this project gradually. By setting up due dates for each component in order to check our progress, our teacher helped us to keep from procrastinating and achieve success in our ISTF project....it is very important that the work be divided equally among team members. It was too much work for a single person to do on their own and, without dividing it up, it would have been hard to complete the entire project sufficiently....we must help each other through every step of the process. Without team work and encouragement, this project would not have been possible. We learned to be patient with our teammates and to help them if they did not understand something or failed to complete part of their task. We learned to work as a team.

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