The ISTF Progress Report is designed to help the ISTF Program monitor each teamís continuing participation in the competition. The student team, teacher and technical advisor are required to provide input concerning their progress to date, any problems and their suggestions for improvements.

It also helps to ensure the student team is:

Teachers enter their students' responses to the progress report questions.

Progress Report No. 1 Sample Questions for Technical Advisors

What communication have you had to date with your student team? (Please include any initial correspondence with the teacher and the frequency/quality of e-mails with the students.)
Do you believe the students have a technical grasp (at this early point) of the project they have proposed?
Do you believe the students have benefited (at this early point) from your expertise based on the questions they have asked?


Progress Report No. 1 Sample Questions for Teachers

How have you integrated the ISTF Program into your curricula and how much time do your students spend working on their project each week?
What major obstacles have your students encountered and what is your prognosis for their completion of the project?
What suggestions (at this early point), might you offer to help improve the process to date?


Progress Report No. 1 Sample Questions for Students

What has been accomplished to date as it relates to the ISTF Content Guidelines? (Include if your team is using elementary-middle-high school guidelines, component and task you are working on and any tasks that have been completed.)
How is the teaming process progressing? (Include how often you work together; meet with your teacher and the responsibilities of each member.)
What has been the most difficult challenge so far and what is the most important lesson your team has learned?

NOTE: Team Progress Report is conducted during early January during each competition cycle.

Progress Report No. 2 Sample Questions for Technical Advisors

Please indicate the approximate number of e-mails you received per month from the teacher(s) and students in November, December, and January.
To what degree has your technical guidance benefited your student team?
Do you have access to the URL where your student team is preparing their final project?


Progress Report No. 2 Sample Questions for Teachers

Describe the communication process between the students and the technical advisor in November, December, and January.
My students work on their projects __ hours per week.
I meet with the student team __ times per week.


Progress Report No. 2 Sample Questions for Students

How often do you communicate with your technical advisor?
Who communicates with your technical advisor?
Below are some lessons students learned and shared with us in the first progress report. Please check from the list those lessons your team has experienced. Add any additional lessons you have identified in the commentsí box.

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