Feedback and evaluation are the most important factors directing our programs ongoing operation and development. From the point a teacher enrolls a student team in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) at our website in October, we track ongoing efforts via our management system. 

Before a teacher submits a teams final website address at the end of February, each teacher, student and technical advisor must complete a Final Process Evaluation, a comprehensive reflection regarding participation in the ISTF Program. Again, this is accomplished on-line and the results are tabulated across our program management system. The questionnaire is divided into three sections: preparing, during and completing the ISTF.

The information gathered can be analyzed for one or more specific questions or across grade levels. This feedback from students, teachers and technical advisors is critical to determining what improvements might be made to the ISTF Program. Below are examples of questions included on past versions of the Final Process Evaluation.

Final Process Evaluation Sample Questions for Technical Advisors

Preparing How did you get involved with the ISTF?
Do you feel you were adequately prepared to fulfill the role of the team's technical advisor?
During Please give us your suggestions as to how student teams could improve their communication with technical advisors. 
How often would you want to receive updates on your student's project?
Completing When did you first see the website your team was working on?
Do you think they incorporated the proper amount of technical information to validate their project?


Final Process Evaluation Sample Questions for Teachers

Preparing How did you learn about the ISTF?
Please identify by their areas of expertise other teachers in your school who helped your ISTF Team(s).
During Was the ISTF an integral part of your science or technology curriculum?
How valuable, overall, do you think it is for teams to interact with technical advisors?
Completing Are you considering entering teams in the 2002-2003 ISTF?
Would you encourage other teachers to participate in the ISTF?


Final Process Evaluation Sample Questions for Students

Preparing After your team selected a topic, did you do any Internet research on that topic before your teacher enrolled your team?
If you did research, did it help you to narrow and focus your topic?
During Did your team have problems managing its time while working on the ISTF Project?
How did you maintain and organize information you found from your searches?
Completing Are you satisfied with your ISTF Project Website?
Did participation in the ISTF lead you to consider a possible career in science or technology?

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