Gas Turbines

Technical Applications


Gas turbines are used in a variety of land-based applications, including electric generation for utilities and as part of cogeneration systems, and for driving pumps, compressors, and other mechanical systems in industrial applications.


Gas turbines are an important source of low-environmental impact electric power, providing a cheaper source of clean energy for manufacturing. Gas turbines have a significant impact on the utilities industry by allowing more flexible siting, modular construction which reduces capital costs, and greater use of domestic fuels with reduced dependence on foreign oil.


Gas turbines make a contribution to the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers in direct and indirect ways. Sales of efficient and environmentally friendly gas turbines in large and growing world markets for electric generation systems could make a positive contribution to the U.S. balance of trade. In addition, by providing U.S. manufacturers with cleaner sources of cheap energy, gas turbines increase the competitiveness of U.S. manufacturers in U.S. and world markets.


Europe and Japan are slightly behind the United States in developing rotating machinery suitable for high-efficiency power generation. European gas turbine and related technologies are primarily derived from aircraft propulsion engines.