Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Support Software CAD (Computer-Aided Design) and CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering) process
machine performance databases
Equipment Interoperability group technology
CAPP (Computer-Aided Process Planning)
data-driven management information systems
factory scheduling tools
Intelligent Processing Equipment sensors 
next generation controller

See Information and Communication Autonomous Robotic Devices

Automatic Systems for Facilities Operations computer-aided production cycle management
building automation systems
Net Shape Processing hot isotopic pressing
metal injection molding
superplastic forming
liquid transfer molding of polymer matrix compounds
Rapid Solidification Processing spray forming
gas atomization
Catalysts tailored protein catalysts
shape selective catalysts
catalysts by design
biometric catalysts
Surface Treatments laser hardening
thin films
grinding and machining of ceramics
ceramic coating
Ultrapure Refining Methods various refining methods
electron beam processing
Pollution Avoidance process design strategies
improved processes
design for the environment
industrial ecology
Predictive Process Control sensors
data processing
Microdevice Manufacturing Technologies silicon machining
Semiconductor Manufacturing x-ray lithography
microwave plasma processing
electron/ion micro beams
artificially structured materials
laser-assisted processing
design testing
Semiconductor Integration Technologies integrated packaging
multichip modules