Component Three

Innovating an improvement or new use

Task One

Propose an original improvement or new use regarding your team's technical application.  Explain in detail how it works and provide a link to your design requirement.

Task Two

Explain what economic impact your team's proposed improvement or new use would have as it relates to the problem you identified in Component One.

Task Three

Identify and describe a company, federal agency or academic research laboratory that could carry out your team's proposed new improvement or new use. 

Task Four

Using e-mail, obtain the opinion of a scientist or engineer about your team's proposed improvement or new use for the technical application. Add this information to your website by including the individual's name, organization, copies of the e-mail the team sent and the reply it received from its inquiry.
If your team is not able to obtain a response to your inquiry, provide an example of the e-mail request you sent and the names of those whom you sent the request.