Elementary Format Guidelines

Teams want to make exciting websites, but please focus on fact-finding. First, your team should work on the project's technical focus and find a technical advisor. Then make the website, which includes the Opening, Team Profile, Teaming and Communication, and Design screens. 


Opening Screen

The Opening (first) Screen that must have your team's:

  • ISTF Project Number, within this statement: "ISTF Project # (give your team's ISTF number _____) was made for the 2016-2017 Internet Science and Technology Fair."
  • project title.
  • National Critical Technology (NCT) and sub-category. 
  • specific technology application (focus of the project).
  • 50-word statement (showing the relationship between your team's problem and solution).
  • school or organization and the state in which it is.

Team Profile Screen

The Team Profile Screen that must have the names of the:

  • students on your team (using only first names and first letters of the last names), but only if your parents, your teacher and your school's administrator approve.
  • team's teacher and any other teachers at your school who helped your team.
  • team's school or organization and the state in which it is.
  • other people who helped your team (include their title or relationship).
  • team's technical advisor(s), if the advisor gives his/her approval, please also include:
    • the company or organization where he or she works, and
    • his or her position/title.

If your team:

  • has more than one technical advisor, please include all advisors on this screen.
  • is unable to find a technical advisor, please include information on the team's efforts to get a technical advisor, such as e-mail sent, places contacted, etc.

Team Assessment Screen

The Team Assessment Screen must include:

  1. two 100-word paragraphs written by the team on what they experienced regarding:
    • teaming and communication (how it progressed between: students, students and the teacher, and students and the technical advisor), and
    • research and innovation (what your team learned about researching and innovating a solution to a real world problem).   
  2. three lessons your team learned during the program.

Design Screen

The Design Screen that must have a:

  • visual representation that must:
    • relate directly to Component One - Task Two of the Content Guidelines (the team's NCT technical solution).
    • involve some kind of design that:
      • is, for example, a detailed pictorial drawing, illustration, computer-generated image, or flowchart that specifies the steps involved in a process) of the team's  technical solution.
      • includes a description of all major mechanical parts of the design using labels with arrows.
    • appear on the final project website in digital format.

NOTE: Please go to the Design Gallery for examples (included before the addition of this requirement).

General Requirements

  • Your ISTF project should have at least six screens but not more than 25 screens.
  • Graphics, pictures, charts, scanned items, video and/or sound are allowed if they make your team's project better.

All additional screens must have direct hyperlinks to:

  • information important to the project, so that judges can easily find it.
    • For instance, do not use a hyperlink to the opening page of a company's website when the information you want to show is located under "Special Projects." The hyperlink should go directly to "Special Projects."
  • original sources of facts, figures, graphs or pictures taken from the Internet.
    • Judges check the sources (using these hyperlinks) to decide if the information is useful and fits the Content Guidelines.
  • other sites incorporated right into the text.
    • Teams have made bibliographies (or Reference or Credits pages) with all the links on one page. But incorporated links let judges easily check the content and its Internet sources.

NOTE: Your team must follow your grade level's guidelines to qualify for judging.