Key Resources 

This Tools section is home to three very important resources needed to successfully participate in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) Program. These include the:

  • National Critical Technologies: areas of technology from which student teams select technical applications to apply to real-world problems;
  • Content and Format Guidelines: parameters for elementary, middle and high school teams' final projects; and
  • Hall of Fame: "blueprints for success" that are examples of winning ISTF student team projects from years of our program.

This information will familiarize newcomers with three important building blocks of the ISTF Program.  Student teams will use the National Critical Technologies listing to identify possible technical solutions to local and/or national problems they wish to research.  Team teachers will access the Content and Format Guidelines to see the required structure for final projects within the three grade groupings.  Students and teachers will frequently access the Hall of Fame, where they will see how winning projects successfully integrate the National Critical Technologies and the Content/Format Guidelines.  The combination of these sections and attention to the deadlines (on the Schedule) will help newcomers better understand the ISTF.