At the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) website there will be a simple, on-line form we will ask you to fill out during the 2003-2004 competition.

The Office of Special Programs, administrator of the ISTF, wants to be available to help, should you encounter difficulties. For this reason the ISTF is asking teams—including students, teachers, and technical advisors—to fill out one progress report in December. This will give us ongoing information about participation in the ISTF and will allow you and your team(s) to ask questions or give us your comments.

At the conclusion of the competition, each student team's teacher will enter the URL for its final project website. This must be done by February 27, 2004. Before the websites are judged, each team (including students, teachers and technical advisors) is asked to fill out the Final Process Evaluation concerning their participation in the ISTF. If, for some reason, you as a technical advisor cannot complete this evaluation by the deadline, please advise the ISTF Program Director. Your team will not be penalized and will be allowed to compete in the final judging.

We do, however, want to hear from you as the technical advisor. We would like to know if you felt your participation in the ISTF was worthwhile, how you and your team communicated, and if you have suggestions that would help future, first-time technical advisors. These evaluations are also used to develop new and improved training materials, to produce an online report about what was learned, and to improve the overall ISTF Program.