While submission of the team's final Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) project is ultimately the teacher's responsibility, you will no doubt want to be aware of what the students are entering. Here are some tasks you might consider when the students are working to complete their project.

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Perform a final evaluation of the team's ISTF project.
If you do not receive the team's URL address by February 1st, contact the team and request that they send it to you.
Sometimes teams hesitate to send a URL because they are unsure about what they produced. If you can see what they developed early enough, you can catch and help your team resolve any problems.
The middle and high school content guidelines require students to send an e-mail outlining their selected problem and their proposed solution to a professional. This person must be someone other than you. However, you can help them find such a professional for this purpose.
Obviously, the technical advisor is not responsible for poor grammar, misspellings or links that do not work. But reminders from you may urge the team to reread and proof their final submission.
Complete the Final Process Evaluation (FPE).
At the close of the ISTF competition, please fill out a final evaluation form reviewing your participation in the ISTF. This task remains an important part of the process. It helps the staff review and revise the ISTF website to improve user-friendliness and access to the kinds of information participants require.
The on-line Final Process Evaluation form will become available shortly before the deadline for submittal of projects. (Please refer to the Schedule for the current year's dates.)
Consider participating in the following year's competition as a technical advisor (or a final judge).
You can reuse your ISTF Technical Advisor Account (same username and password) each year you participate. Serving as a mentor involves an approximate four-month commitment.
If a student team or teacher has not approached you, you can still participate as a technical advisor. As part of the "ISTF Technical Advisor Pool," you can access information about projects from teams lacking advisors, inquire about them, and possibly "link" with them.
You can elect to change your ISTF Technical Advisor Account to an ISTF Final Judge Account (you will retain all your information, including your NCT Profile). Serving as a judge involves about a ten-day commitment (review six projects any time during that period). Please refer to the Schedule for the current year's dates. For more information, go to Newcomers - Judges.
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