What is the ISTF?   The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) is a web-based science and technology competition. Teams of students from across the U.S. compete for certificates awarded by the National Medal of Technology Program at the U.S. Department of Commerce . The yearly competition is for student teams in grades 3 through 12 using guidelines based on national science content standards form the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). It challenges students to apply National Critical Technologies (vital to our country's economy and security) to real-world problems.

The goals of the ISTF are to:

  • heighten student interest in pursuing technical careers,
  • increase student awareness of the impact science and technology has on their lives, world, and economy, and
  • provide teachers with a tool to incorporate examples of science and engineering into their curricula.

Students are challenged to use information and communication tools as they work as a team to complete a four-month research project; master e-mail to request technical information from scientists and engineers; search, analyze and synthesize electronic information sources from the Internet; and present their final research findings in a website format.

Pioneering TEACHERS Needed:  The key to successfully competing in the Internet Science and Technology Fair is the TEACHER. She/he will wear different hats once a decision is made to accept the ISTF challenge. The teacher is, in a very real sense, the teamís manager, helping student team members to use their talents and time wisely. The teacher will be pointing out areas where the team needs to work harder or to clarify positions related to content guidelines and program requirements. The teacher may help students locate a team technical advisor for their project if their initial efforts are unsuccessful. On occasion, the teacher will be called upon to be a referee. Students who are not used to working together will need a teacherís guidance as they decide on a specific project, information to use, delegate responsibilities and build their final project web sites.

For additional information contact Bruce Furino, Director of the ISTF, at director@istf.ucf.edu. For specifics regarding the ISTF Program, please visit our website at http://istf.ucf.edu.

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