Students who participate in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) are today's 21st century pioneers. Using the power of the Internet and information technology tools, they will discover and explore in much the same way Christopher Columbus did when he questioned that the world was flat and Lewis and Clark did when they began their journey across the continent. The difference is that today's students will not be limited by geography or confined to a laboratory. They can explore everything from the life of the tiniest microbe to the far reaches of space via the Internet.

Student team members become ISTF Project Developers, concentrating on one facet of the knowledge explosion we have experienced in the last century. They will learn to apply the scientific inquiry process and will hopefully open the door for a life-long pursuit in a technical field of study.  Their determination to succeed will propel them to learn new skills, grasp new concepts and think creatively.  Every student on each elementary, middle and high school team will be forging new pathways as explorers in the 21st century.

The ISTF Staff has worked very hard to develop a simplified tool to help you better understand what is expected during the competition. Before jumping into your project, take the time to read what we have prepared for there is much to be gained. From preparing for the ISTF to during project development to completing the competition, you will find the guidance you need. We encourage all students to take advantage of the corresponding links above, use them as resources, and refer to them often throughout each stage of the program.

For a summary of student feedback concerning the ISTF Program, go to What Was Learned.