Teacher FAQ

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  1. What is the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF)?
  2. What is the purpose of the ISTF?
  3. How does the ISTF fulfill its intended purpose?
  4. I am a home-school teacher for my children; can we still enter the ISTF?
  5. Is there a cost to participate in the ISTF Program?
  6. Students in what grade levels can enter the ISTF?
  7. Where do I begin if I am interested in participating?
  8. How do I enter my student teams in the competition?
  9. What is an ISTF Teacher Account?
  10. When do my student team(s) and I enter the ISTF?
  11. What can I do using my ISTF Teacher Account?
  12. What is Student Team Enrollment?
  13. What information do I need in order to enroll student teams?
  14. How do student teams devise project ideas?
  15. What should students do after they choose a project topic?
  16. How do I group my students into teams?
  17. How many students should be on a team?
  18. Why do my student teams have to locate their own technical advisors?
  19. How do my students locate a technical advisor?
  20. Why is it important to have a technical advisor?
  21. What do we do once we find a technical advisor?
  22. When should I send an “Advisor Authorization?”
  23. What is the “ISTF Technical Advisor Pool?”
  24. What does the ISTF do to verify the identities of members of the Technical Advisor Pool?
  25. What is an “Advisor Authorization?”
  26. What does “linking” a project with a technical advisor mean?
  27. What happens when I send an “Advisor Authorization?”
  28. Why should I make sure that projects are “linked” with the technical advisors?
  29. Who are technical advisors?
  30. How long does the competition last?
  31. How will we know what the judges will expect of their final project website?
  32. Can my students use Geocities, Tripod, or some other free web-builder to host their final project websites?
  33. What are the National Critical Technologies (NCTs)?