Welcome to the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF)! 

The ISTF competition challenges students to realize their potential in the areas related to science, engineering, and technology.

Here are summaries of information to help participating students with the time preparing, during, and completing the ISTF. 


Preparing for participation in the ISTF involves several tasks. Below is a brief outline of these tasks. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Students.

  • Review the ISTF Website

  • Form a Student Team (minimum-three (3), no maximum limit) NOTE: Your teacher may direct you or assign teams.

  • Review the Guidelines for Your Grade Grouping

  • Determine Your ISTF Project Focus

  • Coordinate with Your Teacher to Enroll Your Student Team

    • Your teacher will need your teamís:

      • National Critical Technology (NCT) Category and NCT Technology Sub-Area, 

      • Project title, 

      • 50-word problem/research statement, and 

      • 50-word project solution statement.

  • Locate a Technical Advisor

    • Once a technical advisor agrees to join the team, help to ensure that he or she:

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Students have many responsibilities during the ISTF program cycle. Below is a brief outline of these responsibilities. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Students.

  • Work as a Team

    • Delegate responsibility

    • Stay focused and aware of deadlines (Please see the Schedule.)

    • Seek guidance from your technical advisor and teacher

  • Begin Your Project

    • Research and refine your team's project focus

    • Manage and organize your information effectively

    • Write the components (Please see the Guidelines.)

  • Complete the Progress Report (Please see the Schedule.)

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Completing participation in the ISTF Program involves somewhat lighter duty. Below are the basic steps for completion. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Students.

  • Develop Your Final Project Website

    • Follow the Format Guidelines

    • Incorporate the Content Guidelines to organize your website

    • Make sure that your technical advisor has access to the website (send him or her the URL when you start)

  • Coordinate with Your Teacher to Submit Your Team's URL (Please see the Schedule.)

    • Check the final project websites for errors, guideline adherence, and technical problems

    • Ensure that the URL is a working link (as best you can)

  • Complete Final Process Evaluations-FPEs (Please see the Schedule.)

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