Progress Report

The Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) Progress Report is designed to help monitor each teamís continuing participation in the competition. It requires that student teams, teachers and technical advisors provide input concerning their progress to date, problems, and suggestions for improvements.


It also helps to ensure each student team is:

  • still actively participating in the program, 

  • communicating with the technical advisor on a regular basis, and 

  • keeping track of progress according to the program schedule


In previous years of the competition, the rules required teachers enter their students' responses to the progress report questions. However, this year, students will login themselves and provide their answers directly. More information on this process will appear here when it becomes available.

Technical advisors simply access their accounts and fill out their progress reports.


While each student participates on only one team and develop only one project, teachers and technical advisors may facilitate and aid the development of multiple projects. Therefore, the structure of teachers' and technical advisors' progress reports also differs; they include two types of question sets:

  • General: Teachers and technical advisors respond to this set only once. It contains broad questions about the program.

  • Project-Specific: Teachers and technical advisors respond to this set one time for each of their projects. It contains questions, the answers to which may vary by team.

Links to the questionnaires (one link to the General questions at the top and one link to each set of Project-Specific questions in the "PR" column next to each project number)  will appear on the "Project List" page.

Remember to access the "My ISTF" page, login, and complete the Progress Report by the deadline (please refer to the ISTF Schedule for the current year's  dates.)