Final Process Evaluation (FPE)

All Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) teachers, students, and technical advisors must complete the Final Process Evaluation (FPE) by the deadline on the ISTF Schedule. The FPE is a comprehensive reflection regarding participation in the ISTF Program. Participants use their on-line ISTF Accounts (a link to the survey will appear on the "Project List" page) to submit their FPE responses. The questionnaire consists of three sections: Preparing for the, During the, and Completing the ISTF. This feedback from students, teachers and technical advisors is critical to determining possible program improvement.

Once the final awards have been made, the ISTF Program Director contacts the winning teamsí teachers to hold a debriefing about their successful participation in the competition. The discussion includes how these teachers: integrated the ISTF into their curricula, supported the student teams, would improve the program, and might plan for the next yearís competition.

Remember to access the "My ISTF" page, login, and complete the Final Process Evaluation by the deadline (please refer to the ISTF Schedule for the current year's  dates.)