Welcome to the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF)! 

Here are summaries of information to help participating technical advisors with the time preparing, during, and completing the ISTF. 


Preparing for participation in the ISTF involves basic tasks. Below is a brief outline of these tasks. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Technical Advisors.

  • Review the ISTF Website

  • Setup an ISTF Technical Advisor Account (NOTE: All ISTF Accounts are free of cost.)

    • Go to the "My ISTF" page

      • Under "Technical Advisors," click "New"

      • Enter the required information
        NOTE: Technical Advisors that are interested in the program and still unsure whether they will participate can setup accounts to receive ISTF information and updates and/or use it later to "link" with student teams.

    • Decide which Type of Advisor you are

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Below is a brief outline of steps to take during the ISTF. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Technical Advisors.

  • Communicate with the Team(s)

    • Teachers may decide to:

      • Correspond with the technical advisor (acting as an intermediary for students)

      • Allow the students to correspond directly with the technical advisor without teacher involvement

    • Make it clear how often the team should contact you

    • Keep in mind that this is probably the first time these students have worked directly with a practicing professional.  Many are discovering and exploring real-world science or engineering for the first time and will need your guidance.  

  • Help the Students Refine Their Project Focus

  • Complete the Progress Report (Please see the Schedule.)

  • Help to Ensure that Teams Adhere to the Content and Format Guidelines

  • Validate Sources Students Find and Refer Them to Other Sources

  • Evaluate Project Material and Check It against the Guidelines

  • Gain Access to the Final Project URL and Monitor the Website's Development

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Completing participation in the ISTF Program involves lighter duty. Below are the basic steps for completion. For more detailed information, see Team Members - Technical Advisors.

  • Review Site before the Teacher Submits Team URLs

    • If possible, please check the final project website(s) for:

      • Errors, 

      • Guideline adherence, and 

      • Technical problems.

  • Access the ISTF Technical Advisor Account to complete Final Process Evaluation-FPE (Please see the Schedule.)

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