Becoming a part of the team

  • What kind of technical advisor are you?

    • Are you here because a team (or teacher) contacted you?

      • Yes
        Then you are a Team-Located Technical Advisor. After initial account setup, you will need to complete the "Project Linking" process to link your account with the team's project.

      • No
        Then you will become a member of the "Technical Advisor Pool." 

        • In an effort to assist teams with the difficult task of locating technical advisors, the ISTF staff invites practicing professionals from various organizations to setup accounts and make themselves available. These professionals join those who found the program on their own in the ISTF Technical Advisor Pool, which is merely a name for the group of technical advisors who are not linked with teams and were not originally solicited by teams.

        • After initial account setup, login for the first time and complete your NCT Profile and Verification questions so that you may later find a project that matches your expertise.