ballast member: frame of the boom, or what keeps it together; usually made of steel or lead

boom: a flotation device which contains the oil so it does not spread

flotation member: the buoy of floating part of a boom that remains above water so the oil at the surface cannot escape

J-Shaped Boom: one vessel carries the longer end of the J and other one carries the shorter and also acts as a skimmer

skirt: consists of one or two layers of the same material that the rest of the boom is made out of and hangs below the flotation member so oil doesn't leak out

tension member: any part of the boom that goes up and down and usually supports the structure; can include the ballast member

tow bar: at the end of boom so it can be attached to a vessel and dragged around to pick up oil

U-shape boom: most common boom that is dragged by two vessels in the shape of a U

V-Shaped Boom: one vessel has a pole that branches out from it's side and has a net in the shape of a V; the vessel also has a pump to suck up the oil from inside the boom.

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