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In Australia over 922 heart transplants have been performed since 1968 with a survival rate at one year of 91%. Over 118 heart-lung transplants have been performed since 1986 with a 77% survival rate at one year, and over 85 lung transplants performed since 1990 with a 80% survival rate at one year. This success as with liver transplants is better appreciated when you realize that 100% of the patients would have died without a transplant. (2 Heart, Heart/lung transplants)

From the United Network for Organ Sharing, statistics show the following:

U.S. Waiting List--1997:

U.S. 1997 transplants performed:

  • 37,944 registered for KIDNEY transplant
  • 9,406 registered for LIVER transplant
  • 356 registered for PANCREAS transplant
  • 76 registered for PANCREAS ISLET CELL transplant
  • 1,592 registered for KIDNEY-PANCREAS transplant
  • 95 registered for INTESTINE transplant
  • 3,895 registered for HEART transplant
  • 233 registered for HEART-LUNG transplant
  • 2,607 registered for LUNG transplant

TOTAL: 56, 204(3 November 19, 1997 statistics)


  • 850 KIDNEY -PANCREAS transplants
  • 11,099 KIDNEY ALONE transplants
  • 172 PANCREAS ALONE transplants
  • 4,058 LIVER transplants
  • 2,342 HEART transplants
  • 39 HEART-LUNG transplants
  • 805 LUNG transplants
  • 45 INTESTINE transplants

TOTAL 19, 410 (3 November 19, 1997 statistics)

This data indicates that there were 56,204 patients waiting for tissue/organ transplants in 1997 while there were only 19, 410 actual transplants performed. These statistics show the human need for organ transplants and also reveal that approximately less than 40% received assistance.

Tom Taddonio, from the University of Michigan Skin Bank, estimates that in 1995 there will be over 600,000 bone and soft tissue grafts used in the United States. Yet the annual shortage of skin for transplantation grows and grows. In addition to skin transplants, leg veins, tendons, large bones, and connective tissues are also needed for transplantation.



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