The Problem

"Each day healthy organs are transplanted into seriously ill people in life saving operations. This has become one of the most dramatic and effective procedures available to save the lives of terminally ill individuals, who in most cases will return to healthy, productive lives. We read the success stories with regularity. They've become commonplace. The future looks bright. The good news continues."

"Against this backdrop of optimism the statistics reveal a much less hopeful picture. The process of securing organs has been woefully inadequate. Each day in the U.S. 10 people die waiting for organs that never become available. They die needlessly, because organ transplantation works."

"Nationally, the organ transplant waiting list currently stands at over 50,000 and climbing at the rate of 1 person every 18 minutes, while donation rates remain flat. That's 50,000 human beings, hanging on by whatever means they can waiting for organs that statistically may not reach them in time. It's a grim fact that there are simply not enough organs to save the lives of thousands who need them. Our knowledge has far outstripped our supply of available organs."

"The system is not working. There is urgent need for a new approach." (1 Organ Donor Facts)



Affect on People's Lives

Economic Impact

Transplant History

Critical Technology

Impact of Technology

Limits & Benefits



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