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             Our group experienced different types of teaming throughout this project.  In the classroom, we had to team with our teacher to understand assignments and receive direction.  Then we had to team with each other and produce an idea.  We learned each others’ strengths, weaknesses , and work habits to divide work accordingly.  When we teamed with our technical advisor, we became confident in our idea and the future of our project.  We learned the importance of showing respect and support for all members of our team.  We knew that our teammates were working toward the same goal, and would be there to help us reach it.



           Communicating is crucial for any partnership.  The only way our tasks could have been effectively completed was if our teacher communicated with us, and we then communicated with each other.  If we misunderstood something or did not express the need for assistance, our problems would go unattended and our project would suffer.  We learned how important it is to communicate effectively and thoroughly.  Listening is the most important part of communication.  A teammate should not only listen to what others are saying, but should also listen to what he or she is telling others to make sure they are communicating well and being understood.


Three Lessons We Learned:

           1.  There are many people seeking to better our world through technology and science.  Teams of researchers from many different of fields discover something new everyday.  People care, and we can join them if we put in effort and work together.

           2.  Ideas can come from anywhere.  Ideas can be reused, reworked and expanded.

           3.  Everybody can contribute in some way, you just have to find their specialty.  We split  up some of the work according to interest and skill.  Sometimes this is difficult in a larger group.  We assigned the following to our teammates: Jacqueline - project leader, research, writing, design and website. Kara - illustrations, group communications and management. Meredith- tracking citations and research. Parker and Will - website input, research, design.