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ISTF Project #08-1922 was developed in response to the 2008-2009 Internet Science and Technology Fair.

NCT : Manufacturing - Equipment Interoperability

Technical Application : Computer-Aided Process Planning



 We propose that a line of highly flame-resistant clothing should be manufactured and marketed for the independently living elderly, who are at high risk of housefire death.  This innovative apparel will be made of modacrylic fiber and manufactured using Computer-Aided Process Planning.


Origin of Idea:  A science project conducted by one of our team members a couple years ago explored the flammability of cellulose, protein, and synthetic fibers.  It was particularly to make a recommendation for safest apparel choice for the elderly and disabled.  A fiber called modacrylic was found to be by far the most flame resistant.  However, it has not been recognized and manufactured for such purposes.  Our project explores the possibilities to utilize modacrylic fiber for the protection of our growing senior population.