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Teaming and Communication Assessment


In the beginning we chose our groups on our own. We struggled at the beginning with time management and details of the components. We also struggled with being in sync with turning parts in on time. However, after having a team meeting including our teacher, our team became more focused with our responsibilities. Thanks to that meeting, our project has run smoothly throughout the rest of the process. While at times, we had trouble with the components, we often stayed after school to work on ISTF as a team so everyone would feel they were contributing to the final product.

At first, our communication as a team was a big issue with some of the members. Conflicting schedules made choosing days for our group to stay after school and work on our components very difficult. The trouble with our communication among each other resulted with unfinished components. Some of the group decided to fix this by communicating with our teacher about it. This greatly improved our group's ability to communicate. We were able to stay after as a group more often as the project progressed due to communication improving and our conflicting schedules working out.

Three lessons learned:

1) We learned that we need to effectively plan out our time management.

2) We also learned that we need to cooperate better if we wish to get things done on time, and communicate in sync.

3) We learned that staying after school to work on the project made a huge difference in our time management and work ethic and allowed us to think about things and work effectively.