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Component 3

Task 2
Michigan Tech
Environmental Engineering
This program teaches student to identify and design solutions for problems in the environment. They work on pollution on land and in water. Students work on local and global problems including air quality, safe drinking water, and water resources.
Texas Tech University
Civil Engineering
This program works on making the quality of life better, and advancing. Civil Engineering is about development and improvement, it involves planning, designing, and construction. They solve problems with pollution and traffic.

Task 3

Environmental Monoxide Engineering

A new degree program, Environment Monoxide Engineering has the main focus of creating alternate ways for products to emit little to no amount of carbon monoxide within the environment and construct ways to minimize the negative affects bydeveloping new ideas and building advanced machines to significantly increase the safety within the biosphere. The degree is a 4-year long program consisting of taking courses such as Engineer drawing, Physics, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, and Environmental Biotechnology and resulting in earning a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Monoxide Engineering.