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Component 2

Task 1

Our group has researched and located two companies with carbon monoxide reducing products on the market. The companies are:

Barron Electric Cooperative:

Track Fresh:

Barron Electric Cooperative makes a product that is a CO Detector that plugs into an AC outlet, and lets you know if there is a high level of carbon monoxide in your household. Track Fresh makes a product that is a carbon monoxide filter system for a household and filters the carbon monoxide from the air, creating a cleaner environment.

Task 2

The association our group has identified is the COCAA (Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance) trade association. It makes many carbon monoxide reducing products. Its mission is to help protect families worldwide by alerting them to the dangers of carbon monoxide in the home. There are two different associations or companies involved: COCAA and the Honeywell International.

Honeywell International: