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Part 2

A site for air pollution is, the chief investigator is Eric Barron. This research was done at the institute for Mathematics Applied to Geosciences. His research was done on climate Meteorology/weather, societal impacts, pollution and air chemistry, the whole Earth system and sun and space weather. The business that funded him was the (NCAR) the national center for atmospheric research. All this research was completed by January 30, 2009.

Part 3

Many people and scientists around the world have researched the topic of Waste Elimination. One detailed example of research of this topic may be the Waste Management Research and Education Institute directed by Dr. Gary Sayler. The institute’s current research is going toward environmental sustainability. This institute provides information and researches all aspects of environmental survivability and waste management and elimination. The institute is funded by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission. The research done focuses on how to eliminate waste polluting the environment, by converting it, using it for other things, and so on. There have been many experiments done to try and solve this problem and also many successes. Projects that have been developed include biodegrading waste, self-disintegrating wastes, and machines that convert wastes to usable material.