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ISTF Project #08-1856 was developed in response to the 2008-2009 Internet Science and Technology Fair.

Team Profile





            Like many other groups had many challenges and obstacles to overcome when putting our project together. As a group we were fairly different from one another. Some members were more focused and patient and stepped up to larget portions of responsibilities, while others took more time but still managed to get the job done. As a group we considered everyone’s weaknesses and strengths, which benefited our differences. We always encouraged and effectively helped each other out. Throughout this experience the Science Alliance has put their best into this project and we consider our collaboration a success.


            Communication was never really an issue. Some of us had several classes together and always made time to stay after together. We rarely wasted time so we had a reasonable amount of work to take home. If someone needed help we would communicate by email over the internet or by texting, but mostly at school. We tried to at least consult with our teacher as often as we possibly could. Our teacher was always there for us and helped us greatly. She offered us an ample amount of time after school and made sure we always had the resources we needed.

Research and Innovation

            Our group did very well on the first project. Our process was quite simple. We separated the parts of the first component equally among all the members in our group. We used the internet as our main resource. We decided to use the internet because as a group we felt that it would be the quickest resource to use to get our information. Finding organizations that had to deal with our topic was one of the hardest parts of our research. Another hard part for our group to do was sending emails to people or groups that could possibly be able to help us with our overall product. Innovating in a real life problem would be much more difficult, due to investing issues, but it would be similar to real life through a research point of view.


Three Lessons Learned

Everyone needs to put forth equal amounts of effort and time.

Open communication is important if you want to get things done.

Don't put things off until the last minute because it really affects the quality of you work.