Solar Blinds

Team Profile


Our Team:

Kevin B. (The Tech. Guy)

Nicole E. (The Information Holder)

Melissa A. (The Color Expert)

John C. (The "Will" Power)

Brittany G. (The Inspirtionation Specialist)



Mrs. Hypes ( The Question Answerer)


Our School:

Osbourn High School - Virginia


Technical Advisor:


We tried to get a techincal adivsor via e-mail. We contacted Clean Power Systems, Inc.. <>. We were unsuccesful in getting a response from them but this is a copy of our e-mail:

Dear Sir or Madame,

My name is Nicole my group and I created a product for a project we are submitting Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF). We are attempting to make blinds and curtains that will hold solar cells and then transmit the solar energy to a small generator where it will be converted to electricity that can be to power appliances in your house. This is a more detailed description of our product.

Our product is blinds or curtains with solar cells on them that will collect solar energy that will be stored in a small generator that you can hook up to your appliances so they can run on the solar energy. The solar cells will be like the solar cells on calculators just a little bigger so they can capture more energy. They will be on the panels of the blinds and in the fabric of the curtains. Though these solar cells will be small the blinds and curtains will be enforced the weight of the cells. The cells will be attached to each other then connected to the generator by a thin cable. The generated will be small but still big enough to store the energy and convert to electricity.

Thanks you for your time and reading our e-mail. We would enjoy hearing what you think of our product. If you could forward any comments to

Nicole E. and my ISTF group






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