Solar Blinds

Team Assesment


During this ISTF project our group learned what it means to be a team. We cooperated together to organize times for us to get together to complete the given tasks. When we could not meet up, we split the work up for each of us to finish. When troubled by a problem we consulted each other for help. Often times we would stay after school and ask for help from our teacher and also other faculty members who specialized in the technology used in our proposed idea. We found that when together we work better to overcome the many obstacles we encountered.


Our team communicated by exchanging phone numbers once we got our groups.  We then proceeded by making plans of what people should do.  We did this by communicating by E-mail, arranging assignment in the spare class time, and by text messaging.  We got together to put all of our work on the student drive and made sure it was what we wanted.  After, we delivered our information to our teacher by E-mail and network folders.  We have not given any information to a technical advisor because we do not have one yet.  Our team communicated well to work together and get this project done.


Research and Innovation

Our team was a bit overwhelmed with some of the objectives we had to complete; regardless we organized it, divided it, and jumped right in. Knowing that these problems were real problems it gave us more motivation and once finished a sense of accomplishment. Also a better understanding of what the scientists and engineers go through and the steps they might take to find solutions to today’s energy crisis. We learned truly what kind of technology is called for and developed in today’s market. Also we discovered the technology that’s already created and how some of that technology works when we researched our product.


Three lessons your team learned…

  1. Our team learned that it is important to work together even if we cannot get together because it is the best way to get a good final product. This experience added to our cooperation and organization skills because all of us needed to be able to work together and be organized or information would get lost or sent to the wrong person  
  2. We learned that even if we do not understand what is going on we should still try and do something or figure out a way to get help on what we are doing because doing any work is better then sitting doing nothing. This also added to our ability to focus for long periods of time.
  3. Together we also learned to be more disciplined because we found we had to have complete focus and concentration when we worked together because other wise nothing gets done and we end up more confused then when we started.
ISTF Group 08-1853