Solar Blinds

Component Three


Task One…

Provide a forecast of what the workforce demand would be over a five-year period to produce and market your team's technical application or process. Include the impact such production would have on the marketplace.

In the first 5 years of the market would need to have plenty of solar technicians who know how to harvest the sun’s energy the best way possible.  You would also need some mechanics that are familiar with the design to fix any problems that are encountered.  The people that would be affected by this would be the blind companies and the electric companies.  Creating these solar power blinds would be a great for the environment because you will be using a much less pollutant energy by harnessing it from the Sun.  This will be a great investment because whale saving money on electricity in the future you are also helping the Earth. 


Task Two…

Give two examples of undergraduate or graduate degree programs in scirence or engineering that directly relate to your team's NCT technical application. For each program, be sure to include the following:

Example 1:
   Engineering Science and Mechanics (ESM)

  1. Focusing not only the “what?” but the “how?” and “why?” ESM students learn the fundamental principles needed to develop engineering solutions to current problems. Graduates are equipped to with the knowledge of how to adapt to the always-changing worlds of physical and life science technology. 
  2. ESM is part of the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics run by ESM Staff Member Lisa Smith, Graduate Enrollment Specialist and ESM Associate Professor Mark Stremler, Associate Technical Editor for Journal of Fluids Engineering.
  3. More information about this undergraduate degree program can be found at-

Example 2:
   Photovoltaic System Design and Installation-

  1. Students participating in this degree program are trained to support the raising demand of workers in the field of renewable energy and photovoltaics. It gives the student an in-depth understanding of photovoltaic design and installation, as well as the bass sciences in which photovoltaics comes from.
  2. This degree program is part of San Juan College’s Renewable Energy program.
  3. More information about this One-Year Certificate or Associate of Applied Science degree program can be found at-


Task Three...

Develop an idea froa new science and/or engineering degree program that might emerge given the advancements in scientific knowledge that the team has identified. Provide a title and 100-word description of the new degree program.

If there were to be a degree developed because of our team’s advancement it would be in science. The degree would be the Photovoltaic/Solar Science degree, the study and effective use of solar energy as a renewable resource. You would be trained and taught in the different uses of the solar energy and how to efficiently save this energy. Also how and what this energy obtained can be used for. It expands your limits and creativity to be a leading scientist and/or engineer in the field of photovoltaic technology. With the hands on internships you will discover new potential and become the future in renewable solar energy


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