NCT: Environmental Quality

Technology Sub Area: Remediation and Restoration

Technical Application: Thermal Desorption

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Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) Lakewood High School,
Saint Petersburg, Florida.

ISTF Project #06-1438 was devolped in response to the 2006-2007 Internet Science and Technology Fair guidelines.

      Have you ever imagined how the Earth is going to be in the future? You cannot predict it, right? Well, if there is no air pollution, and fewer Greenhouse Gases, our environment would be more fresh, safe, and clean. Our world's major problem is "global warming" which causes damage to our earth. Do you have any idea how global warming was formed or how it affects people's lives? Right now, there are many countries in the world that have a major problem of polluted air, which makes global warming even worse. We will help answer your questions, and make you more aware of the problems around us. Let's check it out!

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