NCT: Environmental Quality

Technology Sub Area: Remediation and Restoration

Technical Application: Thermal Desorption

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Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) Lakewood High School,
Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Carbon Dioxide
A gas present in the atmosphere to the extent of more than 0.03% by volume and playing an important role in the greenhouse effect.

A hydrocarbon in which some or all of the hydrogen atoms have been replaced by chlorine and fluorine.

the act of contaminating or polluting; including unwanted substances or factors.

The removal of forest stands by cutting and burning to provide land for agricultural purposes.

The loss of water from surface water reservoirs or groundwater aquifers at a rate greater than that of recharge.

Global Warming
A gradual warming of the Earth's atmosphere reportedly caused by the burning of fossil fuels and industrial pollutants.

Greenhouse Effect
The warming of the atmosphere by the trapping of longwave radiation being radiated to space.

A process in which ions are created.

Methane gas
Composed of carbon and hydrogen with formula CH4.

Relating or belonging to the class of chemical compounds having a carbon basis; "hydrocarbons are organic compounds".

Thermal Desorption
Treatment technology that uses heat to remove hazardous substances from soil and sediments.

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