NCT: Environmental Quality

Technology Sub Area: Remediation and Restoration

Technical Application: Thermal Desorption

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Center for Advanced Technologies (CAT) Lakewood High School,
Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Air in
Polluted air will be pulled by the fan to the inside of the machine.

Air out
Fresh clean air will come out of this area.

Solar panels
This would take sunlight and convert it to electricity. This electricity could be used to operate the fan that would pull air in from the outside and mix with the heated pollutants that would be removed from the soil as gas then carried to another area in the machine that would absorb the pollutants air.

Magnifying glass
This glass would be used to allow the sunlight into our machine. It would bend the sunlight and focus on the soil, so more light would hit the soil where the machine would clean it by heating.

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