NCT: Environmental Quality

Technology Sub Area: Remediation and Restoration

Technical Application: Thermal Desorption

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Task one: Describe in detail the problem your team selected and explain why it is important for your team to investigate the problem.

    Our team’s problem relates to deforestation and the Greenhouse Effect . The problem is that human added Greenhouse Gases are being released, and because trees help purify the air the gases are escaping into the atmosphere, adding to global warming. The Greenhouse Effect is that certain chemicals in the air, mainly carbon dioxide (Nave 2007) , trap heat in the earth, allowing it to stay warm. Without the Greenhouse Effect, the earth would be about 60F cooler . Greenhouse Gases are good, but too many can be harmful to the environment and life on earth. Human’s actions through factories and landfills, fertilizers, and fossil fuel production add a extra Greenhouse Effect, that is contributing to global warming (EDF,1997) . Humans burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gases , with the carbon in the fuel, combined with carbon dioxide, produce methane gas. In addition, many industrial companies are creating the extra greenhouse gases by releasing chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), a chemical known to act as a greenhouse gases. The most common activity that human use to destroying trees for gazing land in the poor countries. Trees help clean the air, and since we destroyed so many trees, our environment has become more polluted, and there is less carbon dioxide uptake by the trees. The earth will become hotter every day, and cause many harmful effects in the future. Lately, there are so many people want more cars, heat air, air condition increasing the carbon dioxide every day. If no one is going to stop, our atmosphere could be in danger,the earth will be dying under those harmful gases.


Task two: Describe how your team decided on the problem you are investigating and explain what steps you took to narrow the focus of your investigation.

    All the members of my team know, and are concerned about the environment, and more specifically pollution and it’s effect on the environment. We made a list of a bunch of possible things causing pollution, and narrowed that down to only a few problems. We talked about it, and did a little research on pollution, and we realized that Global Warming is a major problem. After discussing it, we decided on that as our problem.


Task three: Locate and document (using facts and figures) and describe how :two geographic sites or two population groups have been affected by the problem your team identified.AND two organizations, educational institutions or research facilities are doing significant research to solve the problem your team identified.

    In 1980, Cubatao, Brazil was the country with the most greenhouse effect in the world. The air pollution was killing all the trees in the forest. At that time, Cubatao had many industrial factories that produced smoke and flames 24 hours a day. In late 1970s, scientist discovered that some babies were born mentally handicapped or with some brain defect, and they think that the main cause could have been the pollution. Some people who were affected were diagnosed with bladder cancer, and asthma. In Cubatao, they burned garbage containing large amounts of CO2 and air pollutants that made breathing hard. (Milliken, M. M., 2000)

    The United States of America is the leading country in producing carbon dioxide. That is because we’re the largest consumer of energy and electricity. The United States is also the biggest contributors to global CO2 emission. In 1997 the total fossil of CO2 production by the US was about 23.8%. (EPA, 2000)

    The United Nations made the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change). They created the Kyoto protocol, which makes rules to help decide emissions and national targets for anyone who has signed it. Australia’s government- Department for Environment and Heritage signed and approved the UNFCCC. Although they haven’t officially ratified the Kyoto Protocol, they have decided to attempt the Kyoto Target, which will help them .(What is Australia DOing about Greenhouse and CLimate Change ?, 2006)

    EPA stands for Environmental Protection Agency. It was formed in 1970 and assigned to protect, clean, and find the solution that would decrease the amount of air pollutions in our environment. There are about 18,000 people in America that work for the EPA. Most of their staff are highly educated and about of them are scientists,engineers, and policy analysts They are trying to give the accurate information about global warming, and the issue of climate change that would help and be meaningful to the nations. They‘re also trying to engage the sector, states, localities, and to focus on the challenges of global warming due to greenhouse gases. They mainly focus on the actions and activities which should be supported by the nations to help stop global warming.(EPA, 2000)


Task four: Document (using two different sources based on facts and figures) what effect this problem has on people's lives.

    Global warming may not have a huge effect on us now, but in the long run it will have some major consequences. The human-created Greenhouse Effect is making the world’s temperature increase, and the more we add greenhouse gases, the faster the earth will get hotter. Eventually, polar caps could melt, which would cause flooding in low countries and making weather more intense, meaning more natural disasters. Also, if they melt, even more Greenhouse chemicals will be released into the environment, further intensifying the problem (Bonthun, 1999) . The polar caps melting could put farmers out of their jobs, could further lessen the food supply in already poor countries, and make people lose their homes. More natural disasters would mean more people out of their homes, and more destruction to people’s possessions and land.

Task five: Document (using two different sources based on facts and figures) the impact the problem has on the economy of our nation or on your community.

    The problem of Polar Caps melting and flooding low countries would greatly hurt their economy, since they would get partially or even fully flooded. That would mean more people wouldn’t have homes, furthering the hunger issues in less-fortunate countries. Many farmers may not be able to raise their crops and the prices could increase rapidly. The Caps melting would also cause more natural disaster, which means more money needed to fix up the destruction. The Artic Ice Caps melting will intensify the effect, adding water vapor and other chemicals into the air (Bonthun, 1999) . Water vapor also helps contribute to the Greenhouse Effect, so that would even further intensify it, making Global Warming act faster, and causing countries to have to fund research for saving their places from eventually becoming too hot for humans to live there. (Berger, W.H., 2002). In the summer, many household will probably use more air conditioning that will waste the world energy (Union for Jobs and the Environment, 2002). Also, the increased fuel use is not only harming the environment, but also the prices are going up for gas every day, which doesn’t help our economy at all.

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