NCT: Environmental Quality

Technology Sub Area: Remediation and Restoration

Technical Application: Thermal Desorption

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Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) Lakewood High School,
Saint Petersburg, Florida.

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Teaming and Communication

      Our group members were very easy to get along. We work together to complete all tasks and construction to the webpage. We shared our ideas, and the most important that we have the same ideas about the global warming and greenhouse gases affecting to the world. That makes us come up with an idea of a problem for ISTF project. Because each of the member has already known little about the global warming which make easy for us to research about it. Along with using our own research, our technical advisors contributed and helped us a lot during the ISTF's components and gave us many suggestion about global warming. Our computer teacher, Mrs.Dicus has also shown us how to create webgages and graphics. We worked hard together to retrieve the best knowledge about "global warming".

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Research and Innovation

      Throughout this major ISTF’s project, we feel that we learned an important way of researching. In the past for projects, we really did little research and you could fine what you needed, but not with this one. If we didn’t research, we wouldn’t have any ideas to write component one, two and three. And we wouldn’t have an idea for our machine. Because this project is so wide and we cannot just get a couple of sites that we could answer the question on components one, two and three. It’s requiring a huge amount of hard work and knowledge, the more you research, the more you could get better knowledge. We also realized that after we have researched this project, we have good understanding of global warming, and greenhouse gases. If you didn’t research or try to find the solution to a real world problem, we wouldn’t end up completing the tasks.

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Three important lessons

       During ISTF project, we have learned how to communicate, responsibilities, and work as a team.

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