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The Office of Educational Partnerships (OEP) staff thanks you for your interest in the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) Program. Please feel free to contact the appropriate staff member if you would like to participate or need assistance.

Key Contacts

Bruce Furino, ISTF Program Director

The ISTF Program Director is ultimately responsible for program planning, day-to-day operations and supervision of workloads. Mr. Furino also initiates and manages partnerships with other organizations that are crucial to the growth of the program.

If you have any questions regarding bringing the ISTF to your classroom; if you have a technical, scientific, or engineering background and are interested in becoming a technical advisor or serving as a judge; or if have any general questions or comments, please contact the ISTF Director at bruce.furino@ucf.edu.

Brandon Haug, Webmaster/Network Administrator

The Webmaster/Network Administrator is responsible for all hardware/software activities. Specifically, Brandon builds and maintains information management databases, tends to the technical aspects of the ISTF website, and sustains the functions of the network and all of its components.

If you have technical problems or comments regarding the website please contact the webmaster.