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_Microsoft provides important software resources to the ISTF Program. This support has enabled our office to optimize our computing power and design databases and Internet applications that are the core of our ISTF Program. With Microsoft's continuing product support, we will be able to meet the growing demands placed on our system and develop Internet/network interfaces allowing thousands of students, teachers, technical advisors and judges to communicate and participate in our program.

College of Engineering and Computer Science at UCF

The University of Central Florida's College of Engineering and Computer Science is a proud sponsor and the host institution of the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF). The College of Engineering and Computer Science has a diverse student enrollment of 5,063 undergraduate and graduate students. The college offers 11 undergraduate degrees, 10 masters degree programs, and eight Ph.D. degrees. All full-time faculty have a doctorate or professional degree. The college is also proud that 12 percent of its faculty are women - double the national average.

College Creed: Engineers and computer scientists fuel economic development and enhance human performance.

Vision: To achieve national recognition for undergraduate and graduate education, research and partnership in an environment dedicated to diversity and quality throughout all its operations and programs.

Mission: Advance the knowledge and practice of the engineering and computer science professions in central Florida, the state and the nation.

Core Values: Honesty, Integrity, Professionalism, Family and Altruism