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Dr. John C. Hitt, President of the University of Central Florida (UCF), identified five goals to define the future of this institution of higher education.  His fifth goal encourages UCF to "Be America's leading partnership university."  This goal plays an integral role in the development and continuing growth of the Internet Science and Technology Fair (ISTF) Program.

Below are ISTF Current and Past Partner Organizations. 

Current Partner

SECME is a strategic alliance to renew and strengthen the professional capacity of
K-12 educators, motivate and mentor students, and empower parents so that all
students can learn and achieve at higher levels. The SECME mission is to increase the
pool of historically under-represented,* geographically under-served, and differently
abled students who will be prepared to enter and complete post-secondary studies in
science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), thus creating a diverse
and globally competitive workforce.

SECME student teams participate in the ISTF as a part of the SECME Regional
and National Competitions.



Past Partners

Harris InfoSource is working as a key partner in the 2005-2006 ISTF Program. They are assisting ISTF staff by providing high tech company information necessary for identifying technical personnel who may be interested in participating in our ISTF Technical Advisor Pool. The information is also being used to challenge interested companies nationally to help establish the ISTF in their communities via our Sponsored Projects.  

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NASA's Kennedy Space Center, located in nearby Cape Canaveral, Florida, generously donates the time of its talented staff members so that they may fulfill the technical advisor role. Education is a very serious consideration for NASA, and its dedication to this goal is evident in its support of the ISTF.

The Engineering Society of Detroit (ESD) is the nation's largest multi-disciplinary engineering and scientific society of its kind. ESD unites engineers, scientists, architects and professionals in related technical fields. The Society dedicates its programs and services to the enhancement of professional development, the advancement of technology and the promotion of the engineering and scientific professions.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) seeks to serve and protect the state's fish and wildlife as well as its people. The FWC is sponsoring four student teams in the 2004-2005 ISTF competition.  The students will research multiple marine and wildlife habitat scenarios involving FWC research scientists .  The commission's support of the ISTF demonstrates its sincere commitment to education of the next generation of biological and wildlife scientists and, in turn, the future of its mission.


Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. serves public and private clients worldwide with an extensive array of architectural, engineering, planning and environmental services.

In the 2003-2004 competition, the Orlando office of Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. financially supported an ISTF Sponsored Project with multiple schools in the central Florida area. UCF's College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) and its ISTF Program thank Reynolds, Smith and Hills, Inc. for its contribution to local science and technology education.


Raytheon is a leader in the defense technology industry. The company graciously provided certain science and engineering experts on its staff as technical advisors. Raytheon's participation greatly helps to bring real-word experience to the classroom and to enlighten students about the career possibilities in technical fields.

HTP is primarily involved in bringing new technologies to the youth of America and promoting space research and education.  The ISTF Program partnered with High-Tech Productions.com to share program information.  This partnership helped schools with HTP Science and Technology Centers to participate in the annual ISTF competition and allowed schools participating in the ISTF to learn more about HTP's Science & Technology Centers and Int'l Space Collection.